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They’re smart, interested, interesting, open minded, discerning and eager to share their thoughts on everything from the difference between Thai and Korean cuisine to the latest winner at the Cannes Film Festival.

They love people – keep it casual, please – and may enjoy a wide circle of good mutual friends that lasts a lifetime. If she offers to take over some of the planning such as making the reservation, don’t fall for it. in spades/ Degree of Romance: You are more likely to be buddies than romantic partners.

In love and relationships, Sagittarius is the most difficult one to catch.

Sagittarians cherish independence more than anything else, so they don’t jump to any commitments if not overwhelmingly in love.

Sagittarius, the independent of the Zodiac, belongs to the element fire, which is that of intense activity.

So do Aries and Leo, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Sagittarius is particularly compatible with them – they need to agree on common goals.

Whenever you meet a new crush, it’s always so much fun to find out their sign and then check out some silly astrology site and find out whether or not “love is in the stars” (or some other cheesy cliché) for the two of you.

Famous Virgo-Sagittarius Couples: Amy Irving and Steven Spielberg, Sophia Loren and Xarlo Ponti, Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z Chemistry aside, this is the relationship between two intellectuals.

Each Is likely to pursue his or her own career and interests as well things they share in common. Be nice to dogs and other big animals when you’re around him. They’re worth more than all the and puffs and frills of romance.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Man as a Virgo Woman: Dress like Katherine Hepburn. How to Attract a Virgo Woman as a Sagittarius Man: When you see that nice, neat, “together”, intelligent looking woman sitting over there by herself reading a book, get curious. I know it‘s asking a lot for you to plan three days ahead for anything but ask her out by at least Wednesday for a PLANNED evening on Saturday. Two very fine people have met and can create something healthy and vibrant together.

And you adore each other because of your differences, not in spite of them. All work and no play makes Capricorn a terrible match for Gemini. You may find Aries exhausting, but you’d make great business partners. You are a pair of seriously charming babes, and your compatibility stems from a comparable balance of independence and extroversion. You can balance intimacy, social lives and alone time. Cancer needs you to be more emotionally involved than you can be.

You need significantly more change and variability than the dependable Taurus can offer.

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