Disgusted by shallowness in dating california

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I´ve been very career oriented, but now I would like to have a chance of have a family. It seems like all 47-year-old men are only interested in MUCH younger women, while it seems like the only men who are interested in a 47-year-old women is a man in his 70s. Also, I’ve noticed many men who state that they are ‘willing’ to date a woman my age BUT they are only interested in marrying a woman who is, say, 28 years old. We are making very broad generalizations, because of course relationships between people of vastly different ages work out all the time.

In the other hand, I am not attracted to older men (50 to 60) but I do receive messages from them. I want to start by recognizing the truth of our modern culture: we worship youth. It can feel like a majority of men over 40 want to hold on to their own youth by dating younger women.

Having been born in America and spent years living in Europe, I feel like the asker is on to something when asking about the differences between Europeans and Americans, but I don't think the difference is shallowness.

Rather, beyond being an overgeneralization (which it is), the difference has to do with differing education systems, and anthropological differences to do with the notion of 'face'.

On the scores for the 2012 PISA tests for performance on math, reading and science (), on a scale of 0-1000, similarly developed OECD countries averaged 494, America scored somewhat lower at 481, between Lithuania and Slovakia.

This would put it in the bottom of the middle quintile of European countries.

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